Minus the Bear are from Seattle in America, the band is made up of five male humans.

Their sound could be described as indie-electro-pop. Or something. On their first album they had a song called “Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked” I thought that was a wonderful name for a song.

I first started listening to them when they released “Menos el Oso” in 2005. There were some good songs on that album, then they released “Planet of Ice” I liked a good few songs off that album too. When they released “Omni” in 2010 I was a bit disappointed, not in the same way you’d be disappointed if your dog drowned it was more of a “oh that’s not as good as I’d hoped” kind of disappointment.

Minus the Bear

Anyway you’ll be pleased to hear that this album that I’m meant to be reviewing now is really quite good. It’s not something you could listen to start to finish without a skip but there’s lots of good tracks, my favourite is “Lies and Eyes“.

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