The BBC have released an exciting new photo of the Sherlock stars in Victorian style clothing for the Christmas special. Though, we’re unsure if this means we should be expecting time travel or fancy dress. Either option sounds pretty damn great though.


The bad news? It’s the 2015 Christmas Special. In true Sherlock fashion, fans are going going to be waiting anxiously for the next year for this. Filming begins in January 2015, but big Cumberbatch/Freeman fans can curb their appetites with the latest Hobbit film.

Though there is no questioning the authenticity of Freeman’s glorious tash, the originally released image did more than just excite fans. It also draw criticism of the BBC’s photoshopping skills:



Poor Benedict’s shoulder is looking mysteriously… flat? and so are his knuckles. But we’re so excited for the special that we don’t care… (much).

Cumberbatch is tipped for an Oscar after his performance in The Imitation Game and was rewarded with an Emmy for his work as Sherlock. Not to mention the adoration of ‘Cumberb**ches’ across the world.

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