You know when you’re taking a selfie and someone jumps in the background for a little joke and you all laugh about it and there’s no talk of the occult? Bethany doesn’t. In fact that’s pretty much the opposite of what happened to her.


Bethany Harvey (left) from Northern Ireland was taking a selfie with her infant nephew when her sister (right) hilariously decided to “Photo bomb” the picture, hence the caption “Photo bombed!”

“I was taking a picture on Snapchat of my nephew and I (sic), but my sister jumped into the background so I captioned the picture ‘photo bombed!’

“I set the picture as my story so everyone could see it.”

See, we weren’t lying about that bit. It was then, once the picture had been released into the realms of snapchat, that someone pointed out that there was, in fact, a 4th participant in the picture taking.

“Although we can’t see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day.” She said on the matter.

Bethany is adamant that there was no-one else in the living room at the time of the picture taking “except for the ghost girl in the purple dress”.


She’s clearly mistaken on the case, the dress is obviously more of a light mauve. Purple? Honestly…

Bethany did not say that there was no-one else in the house, by the way, and has said that recently she has been unable to go into dark rooms in the house in case she sees something which, you would have thought, is probably the worst time to see anything.

So what do you think? Irrefutable proof of ghosts? The hunt is over, surely. SURELY?! Come on… God forbid that one of the other people in the house sit down and fold their arms?!

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