Nine Inch Nails on tour

Nine Inch Nails is this week’s Friday Favourite; unsurprising as they’re one of the hottest bands touring this year.

Came Back Haunted is the band’s debut single from their eighth album Hesitation Marks. The song tells the story of singer Trent Reznor’s battle with addiction, which comes as no surprise considering the band were touring for almost two decades.

This post-industrial metal comes from the band that pioneered industrial metal in the first place, so there’s no doubt that they do it well. Came Back Haunted is deep and intelligently multi-layered (as you would expect from NIN) but still manages to retain a soft side.

The only thing that could improve this song is the band’s original physical light structures which are touring with them at present. The show looks to be out of this world, with three dimensional screens of light encasing the band as they play.

Nine Inch Nails are touring the UK this March, and if you don’t have a ticket for it I feel sorry for you. I consequently also feel sorry for myself.

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