Last week Canadian metal band Skinny Puppy demanded $666,000 in compensation for the use of their songs as torture in Guantanamo Bay. This week I’m sharing five songs that, no matter how much you listen to, will never make you go do-lally.

Considering how unfortunate the Skinny Puppy case is, and how disturbing it is for music lovers and makers everywhere, I thought it would be apt to share what I believe is timeless music, which keeps this auditory art form alive – five of the most upbeat and beautiful songs I know. These little beauties will lift the spirits of the music disciple who would never want their best loved art to be degraded.

1-      Chromeo ‘Sexy Socialite’

I’ve listened to this a lot recently without it making me go insane, and I love these awesome lyrics. This is the pure, simple crooning of a man talking about a woman who loves to party.

2-      Louis Armstrong ‘La Vie En Rose’

This song was chosen because of its beauty and history. Louis Armstrong’s work was prevalent in the 1950’s in a post-war world where your grandparents might have just started to enjoy themselves again. The emotion in this song is a pleasure to the senses.

3-      Lorde ‘Retrograde’

A great cover, which I came across the other day. Lorde’s ‘Retrograde’ is a harmonic five minutes showing just how great her vocals are.

4-      Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

This song has been used a lot, but when I came across it in the writing of this article it still gave me goose-bumps, and I felt sure that I could suffer this eternally.

5-      Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ‘40 Day Dream’

From the wild debut album ‘Up From Below’, ‘40 Day Dream’ is wonderfully uplifting. It’s another level to listen to, and the music video produced for the song is the third in a 12-part feature-length musical called ‘SALVO!’.

Support an industry that should never be anything but free artistic expression by rocking out to your favourite music today.

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