A restaurant worker’s random act of kindness was rewarded in a major way.


Travis Sattler was working at Freddy’s, a restaurant in Texas, USA, when a young boy looking to buy some ice cream for his dessert approached him at the counter. The boy began pulling dollar bills and coins from his pockets, attempting to scrape together enough money. “He was a little nervous. Ends up handing me everything he had,” Sattler said. “He was maybe two dollars short.”

With just 30 or so minutes left on his shift, Sattler decided he’d buy the boy’s dessert. “It’s on me,” he told him. “He had the biggest eyes, the widest smile,” Sattler said.

About a half an hour later, as the boy was leaving with his mother, he brought Sattler a note. “It says, ‘Thank you for being so nice and paying for my custard, we need more people like you,'” Sattler explains. Wrapped inside the receipt was a $100 bill.


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