Booo, hiss, that never lasted long now did it? Just as we were reaching the tip of the weekend everyone went a little nuts over a rumour that Prince Harry was dating Emma Watson.

Woman’s Day in Australia went and filled our fairytale loving hearts with all kinds of promise. They had been dating, they said. He’d been sending her emails, they said. He threw her a party, they said. It could be love, they said. Buy the magazine and find out more, they said.

Whether or not anyone bothered to take them up on the magazine offer, we’re not quite sure. But the thought of Prince Harry dating Emma Watson captured everyone’s imagination.

Until now.


That’s Emma Watson’s elegant way of saying “will people please stop chatting all this BS about me dating a prince.”

We can here all the optimists still clinging on to the idea. It could be a cover up, no? A swift tactical decision to buy them some privacy?

We doubt it somehow. But let’s pretend it is anyway.

For those wanting a sneak preview of Watson as a princess, she will of course be taking on the role of Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast in the next year or so. If Harry has the hots for her now, that’s sure to tip him over the edge.

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