Edinburgh council have been criticised for a controversial booklet advising children on how to take pills, snort cocaine, and smoke cannabis. 

The leaflet, which targets people as young as 13, offers safety tips on how best to take the illegal substances as part of their Drug and Alcohol Project.

Tips As Given by Edinburgh Council:

– Sleep well before taking cocaine

– Avoid mixing with alcohol

– Wash your nose out afterwards

– Avoid sharing rolled up bank notes or straws.

– For MDMA or ecstasy, start with half a pill and wait at least 2 hours before re-dosing

– Sip water regularly, but no more than one pint per hour.

– Take regular breaks from dancing to cool down.



As you’d expect, anti-drug campaigners aren’t very impressed with the approach. The main criticism is that the leaflet may persuade young people that taking drugs is an acceptable past time.  

What do you think? Are Edinburgh council sending the wrong message here, or is it sensible campaigning?

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