If you are from Birmingham then according to a YouGov poll you have the ugliest accent in the British Isles. Others propping up the bottom of the list were people from Liverpool and Manchester. 

The poll found that 67% of those surveyed thought the dialect of the West Midlands city was unattractive while just 14% deemed it attractive, giving it a net score of -52, 20 points below Scouse, the second-lowest. Birmingham does boast Ozzy Osbourne though, that definitely counts for something.

It’s not a huge surprise that those from the Republic of Ireland topped the poll. Being the narcissists that we are, we chose our own accent as second favourite, with the Welsh coming third. 

The results in full are here: 2018 people took part in the survey


Whilst we are talking about accents, check out this woman who can do 17 British accents.

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