View Of A Sea

This is perhaps the ultimate moment couple. A couple who took a dip in the ocean for a discreet lovemaking session wound up in hospital after they became stuck together.

The young pair were having fun on a Porto San Giorgio beach when they decided to take to the water.

But what started out as a  daring and romantic venture came to an awkward end when the man found he was unable to detach himself due to suction – f meaning the pair had to shuffle to shore still stuck together. This brings a whole new meaning to getting to attached too quickly.

They then caught the attention of a woman walking on the beach, who kindly gave them a towel to make the situation a little more bearable.

A doctor was called and the young lovers were taken to a nearby hospital, where the woman was given an injection used to dilate the cervix of pregnant women.

On the bright side for the couple, they just had the most memorable sex ever.

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