We aren’t ones for promoting crooked ideas but this did make us chuckle. It must be the nagging question for shoplifters up and down the country, how do they get their stolen goods out of the store without the alarm sounding and security swarming in a matter of seconds. Easy, get the store to do it for you.

Staff at an Asda store in Cheshire began to notice an unusually high number of padded envelopes and postage boxes had been going missing from the in-store post office.

The old missing envelope mystery eh, always a debacle that one.


Well, it turns out that some gutsy shoplifters had been using the envelopes to package up new-release DVD’s and CD’s and send them home from the post office counter. This all sounds like a backwards version of the Greek tale Troy, thrown into a Benefits Street blender.

The locals loved it, and one local shopper said “Ha ha! Class…… 1st class.”

Asda have moved the envelopes to a different part of the store. Meanwhile thieves up and down the country are banging their heads against a brick wall for not thinking of it sooner.

To think that all these years we have been paying for our goods when we could have got them home delivered for free, what mugs we are.

H/T: The Mirror

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