Former Countdown  star Carol Vorderman has been ranked top of the bottoms – for a second time.

The brainbox, known for her numerical prowess, is the first person to take the Rear of the Year title twice.

The male winner of the prize is singer and television host Olly Murs, who showed his ability to wow judges when it comes to a shapely bum.

The duo were chosen in a public poll for the annual award, with organisers saying they received more than 10,000 votes.

Pride Of Britain host Vorderman, 53, said: “I am both surprised and flattered to win the award for a second time – particularly at this stage of my life.


“As I said when I won it in 2011, I always suspected there were a lot of people out there who were glad to see the back of me. It now appears there were even more than I thought.”

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