Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15, and he set up Stephen’s story, a Facebook page to share his experience as a cancer sufferer. He also decided to use this page to start a fundraiser.



He decided he wanted to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.
When he was told that his condition was incurable, he decided he wanted to raise as much money as possible for the charity.

To begin with, Stephen decided to aim for £10,000. Then after raising the bar, the fundraiser has ALMOST hit £1,000,000.

EDIT : He did it! £1,000,000! Congratulations to Stephen, who as far as we know right now, is alive. Hopefully he is, and has seen his target met before he leaves us.

If you are blessed enough to have enough money to be able to donate to this cause, please do. It’s a fantastic charity.
To donate you can head to Stephen’s Just Giving page.
PLEASE share this so we can help Stephen reach the £1,000,000 goal!

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