A Briton has been arrested in Spain for allegedly killing a German man he caught filming his young daughter with an iPad.

Devinder Kainth, 40,  is accused of killing suspected paedophile, Sandro Rottman, 43,  with a single punch at a restaurant in Sotogrande. According to witnesses Devinder threw the punch after a brief confrontation concerning images on Rottman’s iPad. 

Paramedics were called to the restaurant and Rottman was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died.

“The discussion apparently began because of alleged recordings that the victim was making of the aggressor’s daughter,” a civil guard spokeswoman told The Guardian. “When he [the aggressor] saw what was happening he took the tablet off him, saw the recordings, threw the device to the ground and attacked him.”

“The victim had been arrested by the civil guard a few days ago for possession of child pornography.”

Britain’s Foreign Office is investigating the attack, as well as providing assistance to Devinder Kainth.

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