Best Parents

Anyone who has ever shared a flight with a screaming baby will know exactly how infuriating it can be. If you haven’t, thank your lucky stars, because there is little else that can top the nuisance of a consistently howling baby on a long haul flight. 

These parents must have known that too. When they had to bring their baby daughter Madeline on her first flight they feared screams from the (nearly) 1-year-old would get under the skin of their fellow passengers.

So, in an conscientious attempt to appease the other passengers, the new parents created goody bags for everyone on the plane. It was a sort of a advanced peace offering in case the worst did happen.  

The recipients were treated to a bag including Junior Mints, Rolos, earplugs, and a charming note warning the of the baby’s on-board presence:

Give it a read.


How could anyone get angry at a screaming baby after such a gesture? 

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