If you’re up on your Hollywood gossip then you will know that Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus have been publicly smitten over the past couple of months, with rumours even emerging that the couple were planning on getting married. Patrick could be about to learn that the cost of love is very high as Arnie has told his son that he will not receive a dime of his trust fund, unless he dumps Miley.

21-year-old Patrick is set to acquire a tidy $49 million when he turns 25 but his parents still have the power to yank the money out of his life if they don’t like the way he’s living. According to Inquisitr, Arnie and wife Maria are “convinced she is a negative influence on their son.”  Miley’s case won’t have been helped by The Sun, who recently published pictures that they suggested showed Miley partaking in a ‘drug party’ during a recording session.

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Patrick’s mum is journalist Maria Shriver, niece of assassinated US President John F Kennedy. The pair were apparently “exasperated” when Patrick took Miley to the Kennedy compound over Christmas. It does sound like an entertaining sitcom, Miley Cyrus meets America’s first family (insert suitable Wrecking Ball pun here).

However, Patrick reportedly said he would “rather be with Miley than have the money.” Fair play to him for that. What would you choose, love or money?

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