Our favourite California stoner Prog-Rockers, Wavves, are back with an album set to chase away the endless winter blues and kick-start the summer with a perfect surfing playlist! Thank fuck!

Prep your ears for 40-minutes of fuzzy indie guitar riffs that shit all over the Palma Violets 2002 sound and takes us right back to 1992, echoing the voices of Weezer, the grunge-tastic Nirvana and The Vines.

Plus this album lets us revisit the nostalgic lyric-dystopia where nobody understands us, we all want to put a gun to our heads, and we are generally smoking far too many joints. Makes you feel all warm inside, right?

All in all, this a superb follow up from King Of The Beach (2010) and Life Sux (2011) and it’s a nice musical treat for your ears to suck on.

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