This is Christine H. McConnell and she can time travel.. Well, sort of. A recently unveiled project by the 33 Year Old photographer includes portrait work that is heavily influenced by her ancestors. She says the idea came to her when her mother gave her one of her dresses. Her mother was photographed in the dress, and it inspired her to recreate the photo herself. Having always grown up surrounded by family portraits and tales of her ancestry, it wasn’t long before she took to recreated some other portraits too.

Her great-great-great-grandmother, Martha, born in 1821

desktop-1420054751 (1)

Her great-grandmother, Attie Mae, born 1898

desktop-1420054753 (1)


Her great-great-grandmother, Jane, Born 1858




Her grandmother, Midred, Born 1928


Her mother, and in the dress, Kathryn, Born 1957

desktop-1420054754 (1)


Last but not least, her horse! Less resemblance this time, though…



Check out more of her amazing work on her facebook page

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