The owner of this car couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go any quicker than 40mph. We don’t understand why she didn’t figure it out sooner, it was blindingly obvious that a squirrel was using the engine to stash its nuts.

The elderly lady who owns the Honda Civic took it to her local mechanic in the Cotswolds after being frustrated at the car refusing to go above 40mph

After a complete series of tests and probably a little head scratching the mechanics lifted the bonnet to discover that every space and opening had been filled with nuts. 




‘It was rammed solid with nuts,’ said David Evans, the owner of the garage.

‘I’ve been doing this job for 18 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t believe it.

‘(The animal) had been getting into the garage, where she parked the car, and had been climbing right inside the engine bay and squeezing himself into the air filter.’

The unanswered question is what they did with all those nuts. We do hope that the squirrel’s admirable efforts don’t go to waste and they return the nuts somehow. Maybe she should invest in one of these for it…


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