1. This horrifying image from 9/11 was in fact a pretty crude piece of Photoshop work – which wasn’t even intended for mass consumption as its creator slapped it together for friends before it became accidentally viral.


2. “Hurricane Sandy approaches New York” Well.. No it doesn’t. Fake!



3. They seem to have photoshopped in a black guy in the background, just to make sure they seemed to have a diverse student base. Smooth



4. The time travellers watch. Turns out, this swiss watch ‘found in an ancient Chinese tomb’ is not proof of time travelers, just smart photo-editors.



5. Back in 2000, this Photo-editing was state of the art. Now, not so much, but you’d be surprsied how many people were fooled by this guy and his giant cat



6. It worries us how many people thought this was legit. It’s not.



7. No, Marijuana Marlboro is not a thing. 



8. This was actually from a Photoshop competition on Worth1000 – but it got attached to a hoax news story about a giant skeleton being uncovered in Syria.



9. Really? The ‘worlds biggest dog’? You fell for this?


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