“All blokes are the same”

It’s a phrase you hear more and more. If a woman says this to a man she’s lying because they’re definitely not all the same. You can quite easily justify why you’re not like everyone else using some of these handy facts about the average man. So, put yourself above the rest of us and show her why she’s mistaken.

1) The average man stands 1.78m (5ft 10in) tall, and weighs 79.4kg (175lb) – So if she calls you short and fat you can easily pull that one out.

2) He will spend 10,585 (441 days) in the pub during his lifetime – If she won’t let you go to the boozer with the lads then tell her you need to make up the time to stay above average.

3) He will sit for 11 years on his backside in front of the television – Always an excuse for catching up on your favourite Netflix series or watching the football.


4) He will learn to cook just four meals in his lifetime, one of which is spaghetti Bolognese – Always a banker when she complains you never cook for her.


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