Beuatifulpeople.com is a dating website like any other, except with a twist.

In order to gain access to the vast splendours on offer within, you must pass a test. A single headshot and optional small bio must be uploaded before opening yourself up to judgement from the already certified members.

You would think that, assuming you were accepted, was it, you’re a beautiful person and have earned yourself the pick of the cream of the world’s singletons. However, you’d be wrong.

Beautifulpeople.com recently had to remove 3000 members from their site for not meeting the beauty criteria that they had met upon joining. Apparently, the most common reasons for being kicked off are either putting on a little too much timber or aging gracelessly, whatever that means.


This is their biggest PR disaster since The Shrek Virus was uploaded onto the site which allowed 30,000 regular Joes to join meaning the staff (who are also judged on beauty) had to weed out the “uglies” from the beauties. An operation that cost a reported £62,000.

“We can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.”

-Greg Hodge, Managing director

Our hearts go out to the people who were removed from the site who now have to fraternise with the norms of regular people dating sites. The hardship of the staff is also recognised as, for them, it must be like working in Drax Industries from Moonraker

H/T: The Metro

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