Some of us just aren’t naturals in the kitchen and need all the help we can get. These 20 hacks will help you become a master of the kitchen.

1. Chopping up ingredients that little bit quicker.


2. Cook lasagna in your dishwasher. 

We’re not winding you up – read how here



3. Separate your bananas and wrap them in cling film to keep them fresher, longer.



4. How to chop loads of cherry tomatoes in 5 seconds.


5. Make crispy bacon in your microwave




6. Cooking two pizzas at a time? Slice them in half first and then place them on a baking sheet like this


7. Use a wine glass to cut out biscuits.


South by Southeast


8. Make perfect hard-boiled eggs by baking them instead – 30 minutes at 325F


Greetings from the Asylum


10. Use a balloon to make an edible chocolate cup for your dessert.

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