Every list maker will know: nothing beats that fantastic feeling you get when you cross a task off! Because it’s such a great feeling, true listaholics will get a pen and paper our for every occasion: revision timetables, restaurants they want to eat at or a ranking of which Power Ranger they’d most want to be.

1. Digitised lists are FINE but handwritten lists are far far better


2. List makers will work their way through a LOT Of stationary


3. You’ve made lists on some unconventional places when there’s a paper shortage


Okay maybe you haven’t written on a cow before but definitely on the backs of envelopes, receipts, your hand etc.

4. Your favourite way to start the day is with a list


5. It makes you feel calm and at ease


6. Whenever there’s a project coming up, you know there’s only one way to get started…


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