A fifth of graduates are unemployed or in unsalaried or low-paid posts six months after leaving university according to official figures revealed by Higher Education Statistics Agency.


On top of this, one in ten are out of work and a similar proportion are on internships, doing voluntary work or travelling. While those that find work, are often stuck in menial jobs including working at McDonalds or spending their days stacking shelves.

With the trebling of tuition fees in 2012 to a maximum of £9,000, and the cost of printing increasing to 5p a sheet, it has created the prospect of thousands of students leaving university with debts of over £40,000, or in real student terms 3,400 litres of Vodka or 2,666 Dominos Pizza. Therefore, there has never been such a high emphasis on choosing the right degree to study.

Based on this we have feel it is important to know which degrees have the worst employment statistics this year

20. Psychology.

19. Religious studies and theology

18. Music

17. Sport & Business Management

16. English Lit

15. Advertisement

14. Business Management

13. English Language

12. Sociology

11. Events Management

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