Like sweets? Like Chocolates? Like alcohol?

If you answered yes to the above three statements then read on…

1. Vodka Gummy Worms


Source:  Lion and Maven

It doesn’t have to be worms, it can be bears too, in fact it can be anything gummy.

2 – The Sweet-tooth fish bowl


More vodka-infused gelatin, or white rum, or gin, in fact any clear spirit you feel like. Recipe here

 3. Candy Cane Vodka


We can pretend this is just for Christmas if you like, but some people do celebrate Saturday’s just because. Recipe here

4 – Candy Floss Cosmo


Pretty self explanatory this  one – candy floss and cosmo right? Well just in case here is the recipe

5 – The Snickers Dream


Image Source

Looks like heaven – we would even go with this at breakfast. Here is a nice little vid to tell you what to do

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