One adrenaline hunting teenager has a habit of climbing up incredibly tall buildings and posting the evidence on his Instagram account.

Savvy cops recently caught him out after he posted a picture from the top of the 432 Park Avenue skyscraper, which is to be recognised as the tallest residential building in the USA when work on it is completed in 2015.

Police received a 911 call regarding trespassers on the premises and began a search for the culprit. They arrested Demid Lebedev at his home in Queens after questioning him about Instagram photos from the top of the tower, and he’s since been charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment.

Lebedev insisted that he was actually there a week earlier, but when the photos were posted on his Instagram page, the police made their move. He describes himself as an “Urban Historian” and declared the experience was definitely worth it.

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