We are a binge drinking nation, and with so many of us opting to spend our nights off, and disposable income, on ascending the ladder from a quick drink, to tipsy, to pretty drunk, to slurring our words, to passing out and vomiting, it’s inevitable that man of us may question if we are alcoholics. What some people deem to be the behaviour of an alcoholic, others deem to be a casual drunk.

One is addicted, the other is not. Here’s how to tell which side of the fence you gracefully, or not, fall down on.

1. If you go out every weekend, you’re a casual drunk; if you go out every weeknight as well, you’re potentially an alcoholic, but could just be hardcore. If you don’t go out because you can get more drink for your money from the off license, you’re an alcoholic.

2. If you have a glass of wine before bed, you’re a casual drunk; if you wake up hungover and vomiting every day, you’re an alcoholic.

3. If you have a drink before a social engagement, you’re a casual drunk; if you have enough to black out to aid you in getting through said social engagement without wanting to shoot yourself, you’re an alcoholic.

4. If you buy a bottle of wine per week, you’re a casual drunk; if your alcohol bill costs more than your food shopping and energy bills combined, you’re an alcoholic.



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