Guys want to impress girls, and no amount of bravado will ever make that not be true.

Despite any preconceptions you may have about your torso, that’s more likely your own ego that is being impressed, these are the things that will actually impress a girl. If you can’t do them, learn them.

1. Cook Something

Even if you’re not head chef material producing something tasty and making the effort will be looked upon positively. Just, you know, branch out from frozen specials and beans on toast.


2. Show That You Have Passions

If you have passions it makes you interesting, whatever they are…

Ballet Dancer


3. Make her laugh

It’s better than making her cry, and it can’t do any harm…


4. Invite her to stuff

She isn’t going to fall for you in her dreams, but she may just do in your company.

COme with me

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