It’s great to be single, especially while you are young. These are just a few of the reasons why…

1. There is no need to be “socially acceptable.”


2. There’s nobody in your house always getting in your way.


3. YOU choose the movie EVERY TIME


4. No roaming hands in popcorn, it’s all yours…

5. Alone time is easier to come by, don’t want to hang out? Then you don’t have to.


6. Just do the things that are most important to you.


7. You get to test and acquire  new talents without onlookers judging you.



8. And do crazy dances around the house because nobody can see you



9. To others, this spells trouble. To you, it’s normal… and that’s perfectly okay.


10. While your friends are dealing with texts like this all night…


11. …you’re  without any obligations!



12. You realize how amazing it feels to be 100% independent. (1)


13. After one of those long and horrible days…



…you get the entire bed…


14. And this kind of disaster is avoided….


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