So you’re finally off to uni – go you! But before you pack your bags and fly the nest, here’s a little bit of advice courtesy of your friends at HelloU!

1. Don’t spend all your money at Freshers. Trust us. Despite all the hype put on it, you will end up having better nights out when, y’know, you actually have friends and you know where to go. They are the nights you’ll actually want money.


2. Learn to cook (& love) pasta, because you’re going to be living on it.


3. Cheese is expensive! If a kind family member offers to buy you something to take to uni, don’t say alcohol, that’s real cheap, ask for cheese, and when you’re chowing down on cheese on toast when everyone around you can only afford Savers Jam, you’ll be on top of the world.



 4. Don’t sleep with one of your housemates, under any circumstance. Chances are you won’t live together next year, so wait it out and they’re free game, but until then, don’t do it. Because when it messes up, and it will mess up, living with them will be hell. (15)

5. Predrink. It’s 1000x cheaper than buying drinks in a club, and with a pack of cards and a dirty pint, it’s often way more fun!


6. Whenever you can, ‘blag’ toilet roll from places. Firstly, bog roll is expensive (see point 3) also, you will have to buy cheap, thin, scratchy stuff – the results of which could be catastrophic (if you know what I mean…!) so if you happen to be in a toilet that has a nice big roll of the white stuff, slip it in your bag – quick!


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