Fed up with the infamous duckface selfies that seem to flood Instagram?

Check out this list of rare and extreme selfies that take the selfie trend to the next level.


#1. Dubai Skyscraper Selfie


Nineteen-year-old Alexander Remnev scaled the princess Tower in Dubai – the world’s tallest residential building at 1,350ft – before getting his camera out to take this vertigo-inducing photo. Such photos are taken by thrill seekers who rarely use safety gear in the new “rooftopping” trend.

#2 F-16 Pilot’s Selfie With Dreamliner


Using a GoPro, this F-16 pilot of the Royal Netherlands Airforce Immortalized the fligh of the first Dutch Boeing 787-8, know as the Dreamliner. The pilot was abe to achieve the shot from this angle thanks to the joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, which provides an inverted face-to-face view.

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