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Thunderballz was born in March 2013 with an aim to deliver incredibly unique, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable events nationwide. We believe in adventure and from very modest beginings, we grew by ensuring each event was tailored to your needs and to ensure each event was memorable. Being the first Bubble Football company here in the UK, we pride ourselves on being innovators. We lead the pack... Zorb Football grew as did our other experiences but we still like to follow very simple steps - provide hassle-free, tailor-made, adrenaline-fuelled adventures that are accessible to all.

Thunderballz is run by extreme sports enthusiasts specialising in the outdoors. With 35 years of experience across many different extreme sports. We're passionate about sharing our love and enthusiasm for adventure with other thrill-seekers like you!

Since inception, we have worked with hundreds of groups, individuals and businesses and have achieved magnificent things - however - we pride ourselves on ensuring that your experience is nothing less than world-class. Working together, our main strength... is you.