In between tea rota politics and gloomy Monday mornings your staff’s morale can get a little lost. As well as this any workplace can suffer from strained relationships and communication that breaks down in between deadlines and workplace stresses. So what’s the answer? Well this is where we come in, and not with cones, planks of wood or other similarly rubbish activities either.  

Team building in days gone by

Team building is no longer the stuff of workplace nightmares; where once there were lame blindfold events and activities that saw you entrusting your life in your office enemy’s hands, there is in its place massive balls, big hills and sumo suits. 

Team building… The Thunder Ballz way

Here at Thunder Ballz we think that’s there’s no better way to build relationships and re-energise than through fun, fear and fights (of the padded variety). Our team events focus on improving communication and allowing employees to see their colleagues as more than just a person who seems to always be filling up their in-tray. 


Zorbing has taken the UK by storm in the few years it’s been around and whilst we know that there will be a select few who are nothing short of terrified, at least their pasty faces post downhill push will make for great photos for the company website. This great activity is perfect for seeing colleagues in a different light; it breaks down barriers and allows staff an opportunity for having a big team push of the boss down the steepest hill… what’s not to like?
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If you want to send your staff careering down a hill at speed then check out our Zorbing packages. 

Bubble Football

We’re the UK’s leading supplier of Bubble Football hire equipment, which means that we’re pretty good at what we do (which is dressing people in huge bubbles and laughing as they frantically try to make their way up the pitch without falling over, rolling around or bouncing off the walls). As well as the goal posts and bubble balls we can also provide a referee - which is essential for the more boisterous of teams where competition can quickly turn to an all out bubble fight. So, do you fancy a game of bubble football? All you need to do is turn up and we’ll do the rest. Check our Bubble Football packages. 
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As well as team building events we also do stag, hen, and birthday events as well as providing our awesome activities for festivals up and down the country). We’re also pretty good at experience days too, check out our exhilarating skydive and white water rafting packages (amongst others).

We believe you and your company can be more agile. When it comes to team building, fun and delivering activity that highlights teamwork and co-operation... we're the people you need. Engage with us if you want:
  • A tailored event that's highly unique
  • Something creative, different, fun, challenging and exciting
  • To be known as an innovator or an early adopter within your organisation
  • If you want people who will work with you
  • To save time, money and deliver peace of mind
We have many activities whether it be Bubble Football, Krypton Factor style challenges or good ol' ZORB!!! If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Buck the trend and do something different. Become engaging. Contact us NOW... we'll be happy to talk through your ideas People we've worked with: